Laser RCW recycler

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Laser RCW recycler
Laser RCW recycler.png
Icon mod vrifle slncr.png
EffectsReplenishes ammunition (1/4 shots)
Modifieslaser RCW and recharger pistol
Base ID0010c854

The laser RCW recycler is a weapon mod in Fallout: New Vegas.


It is a mod for the laser RCW, but is also compatible with the recharger pistol. It replenishes 1 shot per 4 rounds you use. Visually, a light gray disk-shaped object is affixed to the rear of the electron charge pack socket assembly can be seen on the laser RCW, from the point of gameplay — no electron charge pack is used on every fourth shot, effectively giving you 33% more ammunition, and a 33% larger clip capacity. No comparable visual changes are distinguishable for the recharger pistol.

This upgrade can be very expensive (depends on your barter and discounts), so only purchase it if you plan on using the RCW or recharger pistol enough to justify the money/ammunition saved by having this upgrade. It's useful for hardcore players, since it also means you can get more out of the ammunition you already have or have a larger amount of unlimited and weightless ammunition.