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Language in the Fallout series consists of a combination of pre-War languages from across the world to new post-War dialects and languages that could be considered their own.

Note: Not all foreign language phrases have perfect translations, and the translation given may have other variants or possible meanings.

Pre-War languages


The official language of the People's Republic of China, Chinese or Mandarin unsurprisingly not appear often in the post-War world. It is spoken by the Shi of San Francisco, and small fragments of Chinese are also spoken by the moored submarine pilot Zao in the Boston harbor.


Phrase Translation Appearance
Xie xie Thank you Zao's dialogue[1]
Lao wai Foreigner


The English language, arising first in medieval England and eventually becoming a lingua franca, is the prevailing language in post-War America. It is the standard for business and daily life throughout the wasteland.


A near-rare language to come across in the post-War world, French is still utilized by some.


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Phrase Translation Appearance
Mon Dieu My god



Latin, a classical language used by the ancient Romans and considered dead even before the Great War, made a resurgence as inspiration for the society known as Caesar's Legion. Latin phrases are also present in the Brotherhood of Steel, including their commonly used rallying cry ad victoriam.


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Phrase Translation Appearance
Ad victoriam To victory Brotherhood of Steel motto
Fallout 4 quest title (Ad Victoriam)
Semper invicta Always invincible Fallout 4 quest title (Semper Invicta)
Aeternit imperi Eternal authority Legion aureus inscription[3]
Pax per bellum Peace through war Legion aureus inscription[3]
Decanus Chief of ten
Ave Hail
Et cetera And other things
Pax Romana Caesar's dialogue[4]
Vale Farewell
Decimatio Decimation Caesar's dialogue[5]


A Germanic language and official language of Norway, Norwegian dialogue can be heard from the survivors of the Wreck of the FMS Northern Star in Fallout 4. The passengers on the ship ghoulified and became raiders, but they retained their Norwegian language continuing into 2287.


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Phrase Translation Appearance


Spanish or Castilian is a Romance language originating in Spain and eventually being in Mexico, from where its influence in the Fallout series is visible. Fallout: New Vegas' Petró-Chico company's name and slogans are Spanish. The pre-War film Adios Muchachos seen at Fantastique Cinema in Fallout 3 is also Spanish.


Phrase Translation Appearance
Petró-Chico Oil boy Petró-Chico company name
Adios muchachos Bye guys Adios Muchachos film name

Tribal languages

Dead Horses


White Legs

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    Caesar: "It means a nationalist, imperialist, totalitarian, homogenous culture that obliterates the identity of every group it conquers. Long-term stability at all costs. The individual has no value beyond his utility to the state, whether as an instrument of war, or production."
    (Caesar's dialogue)
  5. The Courier: "He sounds more like a savage than a general."
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    The Courier: "What is "decimatio?""
    Caesar: "It means "decimation," but in ancient Rome the word had a very specific meaning - a punishment for cowardice. The Legionaries are lined up in ranks. Every tenth man steps forward and is beaten to death by his brothers. It instills a certain... robust obedience."
    (Caesar's dialogue)