Lakeside Cabins

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Lakeside Cabins
F76 Lakeside Cabins.png
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Part ofThe Forest
  • Feral ghouls
  • Super mutants
  • Technical
  • Wealthy theme
  • Workshop settlement
  • Workshop settlement
  • Fast travel destination
  • Large loot scale
  • The Forest location
  • Clearable

    Lakeside Cabins is a location in Fallout 76.


    These old rentable cabins once provided a stunning view of the Summersville reservoir. Now they're just derelicts, sitting on the egde of the half-dry reservoir, emptied after the 2082 Christmas bombing of the Summersville Dam.

    Points of interest

    • The area covers two cabins on the northeastern edge of the reservoir. The northern one is completely abandoned, with the central offering a tinker's workbench in the back and the south a chemistry station on the rear porch complete with a recipe spawn and a locked safe inside.
    • As a workshop, the area offers the following resources: Food (6), Water (6), Silver (1), Crystal (1), Lead (1), Wood (1). There's also a Poseidon power box by the southwestern entrance, which provides hundreds of units of power if players completed Powering Up Poseidon. The build area stretches across the two southwestern cabins, bordered by the fences.

    Notable Loot

    Lakeside Note: In second floor master bedroom of cabin next to claimable workshop.

    Dynamic spawns


    Lakeside Cabins appears in Fallout 76.