Lake Isabella

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Lake Isabella
FactionsNew California Republic

Back west, you don't see too many of these. Lakes, I mean. Natural or man-made. Any kind, really. We neglected the dams or pumped all the water out a long time ago. Owens, Isabella, the San Luis. Drained the aquifers of everything they had. Just a lot of mud and dust now. It's a different feeling, watching the sun come up over the water. Takes some getting used to. But if you're here long enough, it starts to seem normal. That's what a ranger's life is now. Looking east.


Lake Isabella is a location within the New California Republic in New California. It was an artificial reservoir created in 1953 when the Kern River was dammed. It used to be one of the largest reservoirs of California, but decades of neglect and then irresponsible administration of the resources by the Republic led to it being drained of water and becoming a part of the desert.


Lake Isabella is mentioned only in Fallout: New Vegas.

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