Lady Frumperton's Fashions

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Lady Frumperton's Fashions
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Fo3 Lady Frumpertons.png
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Map MarkerNone (nearest: Dupont East)
Part ofDupont Circle
Cell NameDupontCirclePlaza (exterior)
zDupontBoutique (interior)
ref id0002d16a (exterior)
000c80bf (interior)

Lady Frumperton's Fashions is a small clothing shop located in Dupont East in the Capital Wasteland.


Just outside of the dry sewers and short walk from the Dupont Station escalators, Lady Frumperton has laid out a small fashion shop on Massachusetts Street. The shop has come to be surrounded by raiders, but the shops interior is safe from danger. Shelves displaying multiple articles of pre-War clothing line the shop, with a fitting area in the back.

Notable loot


  • The name of the shop is ironic: "Frumperton" is clearly derived from "frumpy," which means "drab, dull, unattractive, out of fashion" (the root is an Old English word meaning "wrinkled").


Lady Frumperton's Fashions appears only in Fallout 3.