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Lad's Life
Lads Life.png
Icon Lads Life.png
Effects+10 Survival for 60s
(+20 with Comprehension)
(for 180s with Retention)
Base ID000ec4af

For All Lads

Lad's Life is a skill magazine in Fallout: New Vegas.


Lad's Life was a pre-war camping and hunting magazine aimed towards the young adult male demographic. Despite it being meant for pre-war enthusiasts, the magazine offers legitimate survival tips that can be applied to life in the Mojave Wasteland. The issue found around the Mojave covers topics such as, how to make a fire, track a mountain lion, and build a birch wood canteen.

Reading this magazine raises your Survival skill by 10 points (20 points with the Comprehension perk) for 60 seconds (180 seconds with Retention).


Closest map markerLocation description
Broc Flower CaveOn the floor of the lower irradiated chamber, in the middle area near the skeletons.
Camp McCarranInside a tent nearest to the two trucks and a trailer.
Cottonwood CoveOn a dead mercenary southeast across the river in a small cave.
Goodsprings CemeteryJust east of the water tower down the hill where alot of radscorpions are hanging out. Also a dead mercenary with loot.
GoodspringsInside the first house to north-east of Doc Mitchell's house, sitting on a step ladder.
GoodspringsGoodsprings Schoolhouse, on the floor near the middle of the room next to the large group of ruined desks.
JacobstownJacobstown Lodge, up the right hand staircase; first room on the left, on a bed with a shelf and surgical instruments piled on it. Doctor's bag on the floor in doorway.
Mountain Shadows CampgroundOn a picnic table just east of the campground.
NCR Ranger safehouseIn a pool of green water near two skeletons east from the Ranger safehouse and North to north-east of Black Mountain.
Powder Ganger Camp SouthInside a crate of burnt books, just south of the NCR Correctional Facility.
Ranger Station AlphaInside the leftmost camp.
Ranger Station DeltaOn the table inside the tent.
Red Rock CanyonNW tent around the fire, on the floor with/under a Programmer's Digest and Milsurp Review.
South Vegas RuinsZapp's Neon Signs, along with Boxing Times next to Nuka-Cola Quartz in upstairs office on shelf.
Techatticup MineRight of the entrance in the area with the 2 NCR hostages.
The Tops13th floor, on top of the fire place in Benny's suite.
The Tops13th floor, in the High Roller suite.
Yangtze MemorialIn the Abandoned shack to the northwest.
Zion Fishing LodgeBehind the couch.

Behind the scenes

Lad's Life is a reference to Boys' Life, the monthly magazine of the Boy Scouts of America.