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Biography and appearance
AffiliationOld Olney Underground ghouls
LocationOld Olney underground
QuestsShock Value
SPECIALStrength: 5
Perception: 5
Endurance: 5
Charisma: 2
Intelligence: 5
Agility: 5
Luck: 5
Derived StatsHit Points: 70
Base IDxx00b39fRef IDxx00b9db
ActorMike Rosson
Gametitle-FO3 BS.png
Gametitle-FO3 BS.png

Go talk to Wint.

Kidd is a ghoul who is encountered in the Old Olney Underground in 2277.


Kidd and Wint were members of a group of ghouls under the leadership of Sanders.[1] The group departed Underworld and tried to make themselves a place to live in Old Olney Underground, assuming it would be an ideal place for ghouls to settle down since nobody ever goes there. The group set about knocking down some walls and apparently disturbed a group of deathclaws. Many died, but Kidd and Wint got out alive.

Wint discloses that the only reason they are alive is because they could run faster than their friends. They have decided to scrap the journey and get back to Underworld.

Interactions with the player character

Interactions overview

Perk empathy synthesizer.png
This character is involved in quests.


  • Shock Value: When the Lone Wanderer enters the Old Olney Underground to find the Tesla coil, they will see Kidd and Wint fleeing the underground. Kidd will not engage in dialogue, instead directing the Lone Wanderer to speak with Wint instead.


Icon armored vault suit.png
Wasteland wanderer outfit
Stormchaser hat
Assault carbine icon.png
N99 10mm pistol or
.32 pistol or
Shanxi Type 17 or
Sawed-off shotgun
Icon briefcase.png
Carried items
Icon male severed head.png
Drops on death


Kidd appears only in the Fallout 3 add-on Broken Steel.

Behind the Scenes

  • His name is a reference to Mr. Kidd, a character in Sir Ian Fleming's novel and similarly titled James Bond film, "Diamonds Are Forever" who is partners with a man named Mr. Wint.


  1. Fallout 3 Official Game Guide Game of the Year Edition p.80: "Kidd
    Kidd is part of a group of likeminded Ghouls that decided to forge ahead into unexplored territories under the leadership of Sanders, and set up a new Ghoul Settlement to rival Underworld. Kidd and Wint are leaving this area at speed, as their camp has been compromised by Deathclaws they had tragically overlooked the whereabouts of."
    (Fallout 3 Official Game Guide Game of the Year Edition Wasteland Census)