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Kid's outfit
Kid's Outfit.png
Athlete of the Wastes outfit and kid's ballcap with glasses
Kid's outfit
1 (pre-War kid's outfit)
Item HP100
Kid's outfits
VariantsBlast Off pajamas
Kid's cave rat outfit
Mayor MacCready's outfit
base id000340fb (Athlete)
000340c4 (Dirty pre-War)
000340f9 (Junior officer)
000340c3 (pre-War)
000340f8 (Ragamuffin)
000340fa (Wasteland scout)
0008198c (pre-War and watch)
Kid's hats
Item HP100
VariantsBlast Off helmet
Kid's baseball cap
Kid's Murray the Mole hat
Kid's party hat
Kid's police hat
MacCready's helmet
base id0009b185 (ballcap with glasses)
00074950 (ragamuffin tophat)
00074952 (Wasteland scout)

Kid's outfits are diverse pieces of clothing in Fallout 3, and Fallout: New Vegas worn by the various children in the Capital Wasteland and Mojave Wasteland. As such, most of them can be found in Little Lamplight although a few are owned by kids in other places such as Bryan Wilks or Arthur Maxson.

Wearing kid's outfits will change your body appearance into that of a kid, you will remain the same size, but certain more adult attributes (such as breasts) will be gone.


The outfits can be obtained by reverse-pickpocketing the wearers with better armor. The Pip-Boy icons for these outfits are that of a Vault 101 jumpsuit. It is notable that this also applies to Fallout: New Vegas; seeing as Vault 101 is not in the game.

Athlete of the Wastes outfit

The Athlete of the Wastes outfit is the clothing of Maggie in Megaton, Flower at The Republic of Dave, Biwwy, Squirrel, and Joseph in Little Lamplight and James Hargrave in Rivet City. Sally, who appears in Mothership Zeta, also wears this outfit.

(Dirty) pre-War kid's outfit

The pre-War kid's outfit is worn by Betty in Tranquility Lane. The dirty version is sported by Junior Smith, Jenny Wilson, Princess, and Derek Pacion.

Ragamuffin outfit

The ragamuffin outfit is donned by Bryan Wilks, Sapling Yew, Penny and Knock-Knock. In Fallout: New Vegas, The ragamuffin outfit is worn by Stacey in Freeside.

Wasteland scout uniform

The Wasteland scout uniform is worn by C.J. Young, Lucy, Sammy, Rachael, and Knick Knack. Kenny, a boy in Point Lookout, also wears this outfit. The Forecaster in Fallout: New Vegas also wears this outfit.

Junior officer outfit

The junior officer outfit is the attire of Arthur Maxson, Harden Simms, Ralph, and Eclair.

Pre-War outfit and watch

The pre-War outfit and watch is what you wear in Tranquility Lane. It is only available through console commands. It appears the Timmy is wearing the same thing, but it is not able to be pick-pocketed.

Unique outfits


Only the kid's baseball cap and the kid's Murray the Mole hat are obtainable via reverse-pickpocketing. The kid's police hat and ragamuffin tophat are only obtainable via console commands on the PC.

Kid's ballcap with glasses

Icon cut content.pngThe following is based on Fallout 3 cut content and has not been confirmed by canon sources.

Kid's ballcap can only be found in the game files.

Ragamuffin tophat

While many children wear the ragamuffin outfit, only Eclair and Kenny possess the matching ragamuffin tophat.

Wasteland scout hat

Icon cut content.pngThe following is based on Fallout 3 cut content and has not been confirmed by canon sources.

The Wasteland scout hat can only be found in the game files.

Hats with different stats

Unique hats


  • When reverse-pickpocketing clothing or armor onto a child, the child may disappear from the game for days.

Behind the scenes