Kid's baseball cap

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Kid's baseball cap
Pre-War Baseball Cap.png
Icon baseball cap.png
DR1Item HP150
EffectsMelee Weapons +5
VariantsPre-War baseball cap
base id000340c1

The kid's baseball cap is a piece of headgear in Fallout 3.


The baseball cap is made of a soft fabric dyed red and was used by kids who participate in baseball games. It provides a damage resistance of 1 and a bonus of 5 to Melee Weapons. There is an adult version of the cap.



  • The player's character can interact with the kid's baseball cap in their Pip-Boy 3000A in the quest "Growing Up Fast". This clothing item disappears in the transition to the next quest. In the shelf during the Escape! quest, it's replaced by a pre-War baseball cap, showing that it has been around since your 10th birthday, same in appearance, only with different effects.
  • When worn it is oversized and hovers slightly above your head.