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Kenny's cave
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World map: Point Lookout
Map MarkerKenny's Cave
Part ofHerzog Mine
Cell NameDLC04Mine02
ref idxx008122
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Kenny's cave is a section of Herzog Mine in Point Lookout.


It leads to Miner's Rest, where Kenny resides. By completing the speech check, using Child at Heart, or retrieving Kenny's teddy bear, Kenny will invite the player to share his hideout. The bear can be found in the nearby mirelurk and swamplurk infested "Blackdamp Shaft".

Once Kenny gives his approval:

  • The cot will grant the player the Well Rested effect.
  • Kenny will be available to play both Hide and Go Seek and Tag.
  • The ladder to Point Lookout will be accessible.
  • All interactive loot items and storage will be yours for the taking with no hostility or karma penalty.

Notable loot


  • Kenny's Cave is not required to get the achievement/trophy Bog Walker.
  • The cave appears to be Point Lookout's version of player housing as it requires a quest for use and grants the Well Rested benefit. It is also safe to store items in the non-respawning containers.
  • If you reverse pickpocket a different weapon onto Kenny, he will use the new weapon for target practice just as he would his BB gun.
  • Kenny will continue firing even if you get between him and his targets, causing damage.
  • The items on the shelf directly next to the dresser, including some abraxo cleaner, cannot be picked up.


Kenny's cave appears only in the Fallout 3 add-on Point Lookout.


  • A box of Abraxo cleaner can be found floating under Kenny's house.
  • A tribal will sometimes appear if you enter Kenny's cave from the Herzog Mine entrance. She will greet you like any other tribal, and walk towards the ladder leading out.