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Kendall Hospital
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Map MarkerKendall Hospital
FactionsThe Railroad (formerly)
Cell NameKendallHospitalExt
CambridgeKendallHospital01 (interior)
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TerminalsKendall Hospital terminals:
Book Return Terminal

Kendall Hospital (aka Augusta Safehouse) is a location in the Commonwealth.


After the Great War, this facility became a hiding point for The Railroad, known as Augusta Safehouse. However, it was compromised by the Institute, sending in a squad of coursers and an unknown number of older models that somehow knew exactly where they were.[1] They attempted to interrogate the safehouse's organizer,Blackbird, but he succumbed to his injuries before they could extract sufficient information. Once the Institute finished off the safehouse, raiders discovered them, and slaughtered every synth within. Those corpses that are not burned in the lobby bonfire were thrown to the deathclaw kept on the lowest floor.[2]


The hospital opens up to a back storage room that leads out to a main lobby where raiders patrol around a central bonfire. There is a Protectron pod in a room in the southeast, an armor workbench in the southern wall, a weapons workbench against the northern wall, and a book return machine as well as a staircase that leads to the second floor in the northeast corner. The second floor contains several laboratories and, most importantly, an elevator in the southwest corner that leads up.

The elevator brings one up to the sixth floor and leads down a hallway to a collapsed floor, leading lower into the hospital. The lower halls circle around the collapse floor, past a reception area, though a bathroom and kitchen, and a neonatal room. The door in the neonatal room leads out to the main raider camp, which used to be the wing for patients; the floor have collapsed and wooden bridges have been set up to allow navigation of the camp. There is an armor workbench on the fourth floor (two floors down from the entrance of the camp) in a room on the northern side of the camp.

The second floor of the camp has no access point to the ground floor, likely because of the deathclaw that lurks there. Dropping down to the ground floor, however, reveals a generator room in the northwest corner. The room has a door activated only by the nearby button, which must be powered by resetting the circuit breaker in the southeast corner. The door opens to a mildly irradiated hallway leading back outside of the hospital.

Notable loot

  • A fusion core is found in the generator room in the ground floor of the main raider camp.
  • This hospital is a prime location to pick glowing fungus. It can be found through the facility.


Kendall Hospital appears only in Fallout 4.


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    Those expecting a plentiful supply of stimpaks from this hospital location are in for disappointment. Despite this being used as a hiding point for the Railroad faction, Raiders discovered them, butchered everybody, and are either burning the corpses or throwing them down into a central pit to be consumed by a ravenous beast below. After discovering the bonfire camp, you’ll move up and down this mainly vertical location."
    (Fallout 4 Vault Dweller's Survival Guide Map)