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The Keller family was a pre-War family that took shelter inside the bunker of the National Guard depot when the Great War erupted. Pieces of how the family got the bunker are recorded in a series of holodisks dubbed the Keller family transcripts, but what happened after the family arrived in the bunker is lost.


The family had a strained relationship. Alex was a national guardsman who was able to steal the access code to a bunker, and sent a single digit of it to each family member, forcing them to be together to survive the bombs. However, he was arrested for stealing the codes and did not join his family in the bunker.[1] Ralph refused to join the family, utterly refusing to spend Armageddon in a bunker with his father; stating quite clearly "Now if you'll excuse me, I've got a mushroom cloud to walk into. Have a happy holocaust!"[2]

The other four family members, Mom, Dad, Candace and Tina, took shelter in the underground National Guard depot,[3][4][5] where it is presumed they met their end. In the bunker, there are 3 bodies and a Glowing One; it seems probable that this is what became of the father as a result of his many trips to the outside, searching for supplies in the irradiated wasteland, and explains why there are 3 bodies in the bunker instead of 4. It can be inferred that the Kellers were killed by him, due to him becoming feral, or by the latent radiation he let in every time he opened the bunker.

The Keller family

The family members consisted of:

Behind the scenes

  • "Keller" is the German word for basement, which is an adequate name for a family living in a bunker.

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