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Keller Senior
Glowing one.png
Biography and appearance
RaceGlowing one
AffiliationKeller family
LocationNational Guard Depot
FamilyAlex Keller (son)
Candace Keller (daughter)
Ralph Keller (son)
Tina Keller (daughter)
Dialogue FileKeller Senior's dialogue
QuestsKeller Family Refuge
Base ID0003d807 (glowing one)
0003d7f7 (holovoice)
Ref ID?

My "4" is useless without you, boy!

— Keller Senior, Keller Family holotapes.

Mr. Keller is the head of the Keller family, which took refuge in the bunker of the National Guard Depot.


He appears as a glowing one in their hideout, having mutated due to numerous trips outside the bunker with faulty radiation protection.

This is supported by the Diary of Candace Keller, which notes that he frequently left the safety of the bunker. The G.E.C.K. ID of the glowing one in the bunker - "MisterKellerGlowingOne" - supports this as well.

He is the only one of the Keller family that is still "alive".


Keller Senior appears only in Fallout 3.