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Kaelyn's Bed & Breakfast
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Map MarkerKaelyn's Bed & Breakfast
Cell NameFFRaiderCamp08
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Kaelyn's Bed & Breakfast is a location in the Capital Wasteland.


A once-thriving bed and breakfast with commanding views of the Potomac is now a wrecked shell[1] occupied by raiders.

The building is southeast of the town of Arefu on a hillside just below the entrance to Vault 106, and southwest of Fordham Flash Memorial Field.

The building is almost completely destroyed, with the majority of the floors and walls heavily damaged but still relatively intact. There are two levels, with a ramp at the rear leading to the second floor due to the lack of stairs.


There are two to three raiders in the building or in the immediate vicinity, and another raider on a bridge north-east of the inn. Two to three raiders may also be found below the bridge. As with most raider camps and posts, Kaelyn's is repopulated regularly.


  • There is a trip wire trap in the front door that causes an object to swing down and deal damage.
  • The mailbox is a proximity explosive trap that can be disarmed, and when rearmed, can be set as a proximity mine or a time bomb.
  • There is a random encounter location stretching from across the road near the east bridge ramp to near a sewer outlet to the east of the building. The encounter is set as soon as the player enters the area, but may not actually appear until the player revisits the location by fast-traveling. Because the random encounter location is within line-of-sight of the building's raider guards, a firefight often results.
  • The location is directly on the Trade Caravan route to and from Arefu. Lingering in the vicinity without taking out the raiders will lead to caravans being ambushed and most likely killed due to the raiders superior numbers and firepower. A Caravan can actually appear at a spawn point within attack range of the house, resulting in an immediate skirmish when it enters the cell.
  • Using the "wait" function at the intersection to the west where the road turns north towards Arefu will spawn Brotherhood Outcast patrol units that will advance east toward the bridge.


Kaelyn's Bed & Breakfast appears in Fallout 3.


  1. Fallout 3 Official Game Guide Game of the Year Edition p. 352: "A once-thriving bed and breakfast with commanding views of the Potomac is now a wrecked shell teeming with Raiders and a Guard Dog. They are well armed and have taken the nearby ruined bridge. Attack from the higher rocky ground, heading from south to north. Also beware of the house; the mailbox is a bomb, and there's a Brahmin-Head-on-a-Chain Trap as you step inside. Your reward? A Stimpak and a Blamo Mac and Cheese; there's better loot on the corpses!"