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Biography and appearance
LocationKill or Be Killed, Goodneighbor
Dialogue FileKL-E-0's dialogue
Editor IDKleo
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Anything that can kill a man, I sell. Except suicidal depression. That is unfortunately not packageable.

KL-E-0 (or Kleo) is an arms dealer that is currently residing within Goodneighbor, in Fallout 4.


KL-E-0 is a relatively peaceful assaultron, that self-identifies itself as female, and takes great pleasure in distributing tools of death. She owns the store Kill or be Killed, which is located directly next to Daisy's Discounts. Prior to Hancock's rise to power in Goodneighbor, KL-E-0 lent him materiel to fight back against the reining tyrant ruler, Vic, and his crew.[1]

Should the Sole Survivor hack KL-E-0's terminal, it can be revealed that she has a contingency plan in place, in case the need ever arises to kill most, if not all, of the Goodneighbor community. It is revealed that her first priority target is to eliminate the Goodneighbor watch, by waiting for a super mutant or raider attack, in which she plans on taking advantage of the distraction to begin planting high explosives at key areas of the defensive perimeter, in which she would take out most of the guards and the town's defenses in one fell swoop.[2] Afterwards, she has contingency plans made out for each person of interest, which includes first shooting Daisy from afar her with a laser from long range, as she is too close to Kill or be Killed, and her death might bring suspicions directly to KL-E-0's doorstep.[3] After Daisy has been dealt with, the contingency plan to kill Bobbi No-Nose is to wait until night, and sneak into the hideout she is working in, dismantling the lights, and then killing her workers one by one until finally assassinating Bobbi.[4] After Bobbi has been eliminated, the next contingency plan is to kill Whitechapel Charlie, by hiring one of the bartender's associates to do the dirty work for her.[5]

Once Whitechapel Charlie has been taken down, the next contingency plan is to eliminate the town's remaining leadership, by finally assassinating John Hancock, in which she must eliminate his bodyguard, Fahrenheit, first by strangling her in her sleep, and then lacing all of the chems within the Old State House with poison. In the terminal, KL-E-0 shows a bit of empathy by expressing her understanding that collateral damage may be possible, but considers losses acceptable without too much disruption to her business.[6]

Finally, it is shown that KL-E-0 appears to hold a certain amount of respect for Magnolia, as the next contingency plan involves her giving Magnolia a chance. Her contingency consists of burning down The Third Rail as a warning, and should she resist after that, a simple clean shot to the head would finish it.[7]

Interactions with the player character

Interactions overview

This character is a merchant. Caps: 350
Sells: ammo, weapons (Partystarter)

Other interactions

  • The Robotics Expert perk allows for the Sole Survivor to hack into KL-E-0's systems, turning her into a standard assaultron model. This action will suspend her trading function temporarily, in which she can be restored back to a normal trader. Otherwise, she will follow the Sole Survivor around Goodneighbor, as a secondary companion of sorts.
  • She sells a legendary missile launcher called the Partystarter.


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Carried items
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Drops on death


KL-E-0 appears only in Fallout 4.


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