Justin's Note

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Justin's Note
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Justin's Note is a paper note in Fallout 76.




So it finally happened. What the government and the news kept saying. A giant war, and bombs and missiles and stuff, and lots of people panicking, trying to get into Vault 76.
It was pretty crazy out there for a while, and I got separated from everyone. My friends, my family. But it's all right. I'll find them again, someday. And I know Christian and the others can handle themselves.
So for now, it's time to go exploring. West Virginia may be a little wilder than it used to be, but nobody can handle those country roads like me.
Justin Cole

Behind the scenes

  • Justin Cole was a boy who died at the age of 14. His friend Christian petitioned Bethesda on Change.org to add an easter egg in memoriam for his friend, who loved playing Fallout. This note is Bethesda's acknowledgment of the request.[1]


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