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Just Lucky I'm Alive
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Lonesome Road
RequirementsLevel 50
Neutral karma
Effects+50% critical hit damage
Immune to critical hits
+4 Luck for three minutes if you end a fight with less than 25% health.
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Just Lucky I'm Alive is a perk in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Lonesome Road.


You've had lots of close calls. Whenever you finish a fight with less than 25% health, your Luck increases by +4 for 3 minutes. You are also immune to critical hits, and your own critical hits inflict +50% damage. The immunity to critical hits and the critical hit bonus damage are permanent and apply regardless of health percentage; only the luck bonus is limited to 3 minutes. Once you acquire the perk, the bonuses apply regardless of karma.


  • This perk requires you to have all 4 New Vegas story add-on, as each add-on increases the level cap by 5.