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For an overview of junk jets in the Fallout universe, see Junk Jet.
Junk Jet
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Junk Jet is a weapon in Fallout Shelter.


A crudely-made, but effective junk projector. Don't try this at home.

List of variants

Variant name Rarity Value Damage Description
Junk Jet Common 10 13-15 You'd be surprised how deadly high-speed junk can be.
Recoil compensated Junk Jet Common 10 14-17 Stand rock steady while you blast the bad guys.
Tactical Junk Jet Common 10 15-19 The latest in portable power and precision.
Electrified Junk Jet Rare 50 16-21 Death by junk was never so shocking.
Flaming Junk Jet Rare 50 17-23 What's scarier than a lethal teddy bear? A flaming teddy bear!
Technician's Revenge Legendary 100 18-25 They'll never make fun of a science nerd again.


  • Crafted at the weapon factory.