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Junction City
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Junction City gates
Map MarkerJunction city
LeadersMayor John Levis
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Mini-FOT Logo.pngThe following is based on Fallout Tactics and some details might contradict canon.

Junction City is a midsized town in Kansas.


Junction City is one of the few cities known to exist in the post-war Midwest. Located in the ruins of what was once Kansas city. Junction City is self sufficient and proudly independent, feeling it does not need to beg for help from larger factions. Frequently under attack from gangs of Raiders, the city is protected by its own military force, the enforcers. They refused to form an alliance with the Brotherhood of Steel. Their independent posture was reinforced by their victory over one of the Calculator's humanoid robots. Brotherhood Elders were quite curious how such a battle could be won, considering the lack of heavy weaponry involved and sent a squad to investigate it, retrieve robotic parts from the scene of the battle and to recruit a mechanic from Junction City to the Brotherhood, as Cooter, the Brotherhood's lead mechanic, died in an accident. The city was ruled by mayor John Levis, and other notable citizens were his assistant, the bartender Angry Rick, trader Juan, Hank and his wife, Martha Dilbert, the mechanic Casey Barrett along with her father, Stephen Barrett, and Chuck.

The warrior and his squad arrived and collected the parts from the locals, however, the mayor agreed to give them the robot's head only in exchange for protection from Reavers, who were launching probing attacks against Junction City. The squad destroyed the Reavers at their compound outside the town, where they found another robot part, stolen from Hank, and finally received the mayor's part. Casey Barrett was recruited as well, after the squad healed her father. As it turned out, the lone humanoid robot that came into town was already severely damaged after a battle with super mutants. It wasn't able to fight and was destroyed because its internal power supply overloaded, resulting in the explosion the citizens thought they caused.


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The mission in Junction City is to find and collect all of the parts of a robot that was destroyed by the townsfolk and to stop the Reaver attacks upon the town.


Junction City appears in Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel and Fallout: Wasteland Warfare's RPG expansion.

Behind the scenes

In some early files, Junction City was known as Junk Haven.