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For Joshua Graham as he exists in currently released games, see Joshua Graham.
Joshua Graham
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Biography and appearance
LocationFort Abandon
SPECIALStrength: ?
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Gametitle-VB.pngThe following is based on Van Buren and has not been confirmed by canon sources.
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Joshua Graham, nicknamed the Hanged Man was a former Mormon missionary and, together with Caesar himself, founder of the Caesar's Legion.


Mormon missionary Joshua Graham encountered two Followers of the Apocalypse in the Grand Canyon. One of them later established the Legion and became its Caesar, with Graham as his right-hand man.

The Legion rose to power during the reign of the Twisted Hair, one of the most domineering tribes in the wasteland that regularly raided neighboring tribes for food, supplies, and slaves. The Legion taught the tribes to fight back and the Twisted Hairs were soon driven from their lands. Weakened and on the retreat, the Twisted Hairs were set upon by the Legion and destroyed. No one was spared, but one woman managed to escape. The only survivor of this massacre later became the tribal "goddess" Hecate.

Interactions with the player character

Joshua Graham (then referred to as the Hanged Man) was to be a CNPC in Van Buren, Black Isle's canceled Fallout 3. He was to be the first, and statistically best CNPC that the player encountered, but was also very evil and would in some ways make the game extremely difficult for players with poor negotiating skills. He was intended to be a "jinxed" NPC, like the pariah dog.

  • The Prisoner was to encounter somebody hanged by the neck from a pole at Fort Abandon, obviously still alive and enraged. If cut down, the Hanged Man would tag along with the Prisoner. He was wrapped from head to toe in bandages as he had been burned pretty much all over. Save for the fact that he had a connection to Caesar's Legion and was particularly ticked off at them, he would not provide many details about himself.
  • Rescuing the Hanged Man would cause all the tribals in the region to be angry with the Prisoner as the tribals would blame him for future crimes committed by the Hanged Man. In addition, the Hanged Man may anger any tribals he encounters and try to butcher any Twin Mothers tribals he could find. Having him in the party would make dealing with tribals and some towns extremely difficult.
  • The Hanged Man would not enter New Canaan. Upon arrival, he would initiate dialogue with the Prisoner and tell him/her that he had something to take care of, offering to meet at Burham Springs later on[1]. Bishop Mordecai would be able to reveal some details about him.
  • Upon entering Burham Springs, the Hanged Man might quote 2 Chronicles 28. The Hanged Man would laughingly refuse to drop his weapons if commanded to by Phil, possibly even inciting Phil to open fire on the party. It would be very difficult for the Prisoner to defuse the situation.


Joshua Graham appears in the add-on Honest Hearts. He is additionally mentioned frequently in Fallout: New Vegas, in a loading screen in Dead Money and by Ulysses in Lonesome Road.

He was initially to appear in Van Buren, Black Isle's canceled Fallout 3.



  1. compare New Canaan folks negative reaction, when Alexandra entered the town