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Mentioned-only character
John Miller
Big John
Biography and appearance
AffiliationMiller family
FamilyShelly Miller (wife)
Shane Miller (son)
Kimmy Miller (daughter)
Dialogue FileJohn Miller's dialogue
Mentioned inFallout 4

John Miller (—~2078) was the patriarch of the Miller family and owner and proprietor of Big John's Salvage.


Proprietor of Big John's Salvage he was a professional mechanic, handyman and junk dealer. Seeing the current geopolitical situation he decided to create a safe haven for his family to ride out an ever more likely nuclear Armageddon. He first started by modifying and burying a trailer underneath a boxcar. By October 2nd, 2076 he finished sealing up the cracks and made sure the pipes were clamped tight, ensuring it as airtight. At this time he and his wife Shelly debated if they should start telling their children (Shane, 5 and Kimmy, 7) about the shelter just in case. The next week we would make sure the ventilation was set up correctly.[1] By September 5th, 2076 he managed to ensure the ventilation was completed, however he was continuing to have issues with the generator. It kept shutting off for no obvious reason, and whenever the generator shut off the ventilation fans would stop and effectively vacuum seal the shelter.[2] It was November 28th, 2076 that be believed that he fixed the generator/ventilation issues, and all the supplies are stocked and ready. By this time they did decide to teach their children about the shelter. Deciding to teach them in rhyme so it would stick; "In the tipped over train, behind dad's shop. Climb up above and drop in the top."[3]

Almost a full year later they did have to use the shelter. As the sirens blared they made it inside, for a time everything was fine. Until about the time they ran out of foodstuffs.[4] It was then that they would discover that the problems with ventilation were not fixed. Running out of air they would make a distress call, first to Chuck then to anyone who would come.[5] No one would come, unbeknownst to them, their signal was too weak, as Relay tower 0SC-527 was disengaged. Their children would die first and be buried in the graves past the trailer door. John and Shelly would suffocate on the sleeping bag together.[6]


John Miller is mentioned only in Fallout 4.