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Biography and appearance
AffiliationEcho Lake Lumber Mill

Jimmy was a boss of the Echo Lake Lumber Mill in 2077.


Jimmy, a boss of the Echo Lake Lumber Mill, was among those in the know about the company's shady business dealings. Specifically, he was on board with the illicit drug laboratory operating out of a hidden bunker on the property. It was allowed because the profits were used to pad the coffers of the business. The operation would continue in the shadows for some time, until the day Bentley – a new worker – accidentally discovered the chemist that masqueraded as a logger returning to the mill early before work. When Bentley saw that Levi was crossing the log rolling course at five in the morning he was naturally curious. His questioning why Levi was out there at such an early hour angered him. To get Bentley to stop asking questions and drop the subject Levi recorded a message to Jimmy. Frustrated by the situation Levi threatened to stop supplementing the business' income if Bentley continued to pester him.[1] With the Great War of October 23, 2077 the property would stay relatively undisturbed and over the centuries it would eventually become a homestead. Despite the settlement, the harbormen would not find its bunker. It would remain hidden and undisturbed, a tomb for the man whom died there – possibly in a lab accident.[2]


Jimmy appears only in the Fallout 4 add-on Far Harbor.


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  2. The skeleton scene is a male skeleton on the floor by the chemistry station, with blood spatter on the wall above it. The room remains full of supplies two hundred and ten years later.