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Jewel of the Commonwealth
Jewel of the Commonwealth.gif
Quest data
LocationDiamond City
Reward150 XP
Editor IDMQ103
Base ID000229e5
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leads to:
Unlikely Valentine
War Never Changes

Jewel of the Commonwealth is a quest that is obtained within the Commonwealth, in Fallout 4..


As the Sole Survivor continues their search for the kidnapped baby Shaun, they come across a thriving city within the ruins of Boston, called Diamond City by its residents. Where there are people, there is trouble, and Diamond City will turn out to be no different as the search continues within its walls.


This quest becomes available as the Sole Survivor happens across Diamond City. Alternatively, there are various NPCs that will mention Diamond City and its location, which will begin the quest to find the city, first.

  1. Upon arrival at Diamond City, the Sole Survivor will witness a confrontation between Piper Wright, the owner of the city's local newspaper Publick Occurrences, and McDonough, the mayor of the city. Being brought into this confrontation, the Sole Survivor's kidnapped baby comes into the equation, which leads to the mayor revealing that he cannot spare the city's security force to help with this incident, and then reveals that there is a local private detective by the name of Nick Valentine that can help, instead.
  2. Upon arrival at Valentine's place of business, his secretary will make mention that Valentine is nowhere to be found, and disappeared while on a case of tracking down a run-away daughter. The Sole Survivor will then track down Valentine (story is continued in the quest: Unlikely Valentine), and afterwards, he will offer to help find the kidnapped baby Shaun.

Quest stages

10 Go to Diamond CityDiamond City is the largest settlement in the Commonwealth. It's the best place to begin the search for Shaun.
20 Find Information about Shaun
30 Go to Valentine's Detective AgencyI've discovered that Diamond City is the home of a detective, Nick Valentine. He might be able to help me find Shaun.
100Quest finishedI need to find Nick Valentine, the detective who could help me locate Shaun. Nick was last seen heading to Park Street Station on a case.
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