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Jet crash site
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Crashed in the Bog
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World map: Point Lookout
Map MarkerJet crash site
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Air Com, we have multiple flashpoints on horizon, come back? Air Command, USN Three-Five-Oh requesting landing vector. Have zero ceiling visbility and low on state, somebody get me a landing clearance. State One plus one zero to splash, have zero read on outer marker. This is USN Three-Five-Oh, I'm blind out here. Attempting Emergency Landing over water. INS pinger active on distress band. Flaps up, descent to eight cherubs. Three green, over. Five cherubs, treeline up, throttle easy on four lights. Prepping to pull the loud handle. <Static>

— Recording of the last moments of the jet

The jet crash site is a landmark in the nothwest of Point Lookout that somehow remained untouched for two centuries.


On October 23, 2077, the day that the bombs fell, Navy flight USN 350 lost orientation due to zero ceiling visibility and multiple nuclear detonations on the horizon. Low on fuel and without any data as to a nearby safe landing, the pilot descended to 800 ft., and attempted to force a water landing. However, at 500 ft. he noticed the treeline and to avoid crashing he ejected from the plane. However, the pilot got stuck in a tree some distance from the crash site.

After the crash, a soldier from the nearby Turtledove Detention Camp came to investigate and removed the blackbox recording and some emergency supplies. However, he was attacked and killed by hostile inhabitants of Point Lookout.


A crashed jet somewhat buried in the mud with skeletons all along the jet with axes, the pilots parachute can be found hanging on a tree a ways behind the jet and a skeleton is sitting by the jet with a 10mm pistol. 10mm ammunition can be found there as well. Beside the cockpit is a shovel along with the blackbox recording holodisk.



Jet crash site appears in the Fallout 3 add-on, Point Lookout.

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