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Jason Zimmerman
Biography and appearance
LocationAdytum, Boneyard
FamilyJon Zimmerman (father)
Dialogue FileJASON.MSG
QuestsCut contentIcon cut.png Rescue Jason Zimmerman.

Jason Zimmerman was the son of Jon Zimmerman, the mayor of Adytum, around 2161.


Jason was a rebellious son, disapproving of his father's alliance with the Regulators. He was mostly estranged from his father, living with the Blades. However, he was convinced he could make his father see reason and abandon the Regulators. To this end, he attempted to sneak into Adytum at night.

However, he was caught by a Regulator patrol. When they reported to Caleb, Jason's fate was sealed. The Regulators needed Jon's complicity and a casus belli against the gangs surrounding Adytum. Jason was killed, his head impaled on a stake near the gates to the settlement. Caleb and the Regulators blamed the death on the Blades, securing Zimmerman's support for their operations against the Blades.

Interactions with the player character

Interactions overview

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This character is involved in quests.

Other interactions

  • Jason's death is one of the key factors in the conflict between the Blades and the Regulators. His father wants to avenge Jason's death and asks the player to kill Razor.
  • Before the Rippers were cut from the game, the player would be tasked by Zimmerman to rescue Jason from their warehouse in the Boneyard instead.

Behind the scenes


Jason Zimmerman is mentioned in Fallout. He was originally supposed to appear in the game, but his appearance was removed when the Rippers were cut.


  1. Cut contentIcon cut.png Jason Zimmerman: "{102}{}{Hey, are you from really far away? Have you had a lot of adventures?}"
    The Vault Dweller: "{104}{}{Actually, I'm from Mars. Want to see my firelance?}"
    (JASON.MSG) Cut contentIcon cut.png