Janelle's Revenge

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Janelle's Revenge
FO4 Holotape.png
QuestsUnsolved: Death and Taxidermy

Janelle's Revenge is a holotape in Fallout 76.




Raymond is dead. I heard his scream, I heard the beast's howl. I know it was him. He's gone.

I told him in my note at camp not to follow me. Why didn't he listen?

I tracked this monster down to a cave towards Beckley. He... he has to be between the cave and the pond.

This beast has a litter of pups. I was going to call the hunt off entirely... but now... now I'm finishing it. For good.

I'll go to Beckley and get help after I'm done with it. Then we'll... take care of Raymond. My poor dear fool.

*cocks gun*

I should have killed that beast when I had the chance. I'm coming for you, you piece of ---


Holotapes and notes in Fallout 76