Jamaica Plain town hall basement

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Jamaica Plain town hall basement
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The treasures room
Map MarkerNone (nearest: Jamaica Plain, local: Jamaica Plain Town Hall Basement)
Part ofJamaica Plain
QuestsTreasure of Jamaica Plain
Cell NameJamaicaPlain01
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TerminalsJanitor's Terminal
Security Terminal
Security Terminal
Treasures Access Terminal
Treasures Terminal

The Jamaica Plain town hall basement is the site of a colossal governmental boondoggle that has been sealed since October 23, 2077.


In 2077, with the city finances at a deficit,[1] the city sought a way to close the huge gap in their budget without cutting the massive pay and benefits to their work staff. Which outpaced the actual cost of running the neighborhood by xx percent. They decided to create an attraction to boost the local economy: the Treasures of Jamaica Plain. A time capsule to be opened two hundred years later.[2] They also had another fiscal problem, they had to appropriate funds to maintain the town hall. Instead of searching for pork to cut from their budget the Mayor Alyssa Park decided to kill two birds with one stone and apporte the funds to repair the basement[3] – although not the roof or plumbing,[4] – in time this exhibit became her pet project.

This colossal boondoggle consumed a massive amount of funding. Literally pushing the budget way into the red. They began construction by removing the storage room and laying marble floors. They later would add a state of the art automated security system – a Type-V Laser Defense Grid – to guard the treasure.[5] Once completed the treasure rooms took up most of the basement.[4] Apart from the Revolutionary era antiques, it contained battlefield mementos (as a memorial to Private McKinney), a journalists life work (also a memorial, for M. Stahlman a reporter of the Canadian Annexation) and donated baubles from local residents, businesses, and facilities.[6] Needless to say, the exhibit was a disaster and very few visited.[7] On October 23, 2077, with the Great War occurring outside, the janitor made one final entry and locked down the exhibit.[8]


The door to the town hall itself, now an exterior door, lies at the top of a east facing stairway. Down the staircase is the main treasures foyer. Two Nuka-Cola machines are in the northeast corner (The standing machine holds random Nuka-Cola.). The northwest is cluttered with the reinforced ceiling now hanging by its supports. The east corner leads to the maintenance office, and the through doors in the north wall is the assembly hall.

Inside the maintenance office is two filing cabinets between the desk (with the janitor's desk terminal) and two rows of consoles, and a cooler rests between the desk and the aforementioned consoles. Passing through said doors into the assembly hall the room is setup for the mayor's planned speech. The podium, and accompanying microphone and stand on the stage and the folding chairs staid amid the crumbling ceiling, which collapsed on top the northwest corner. In the northeast corner is a wall speaker, and water cooler, propped against the wall is stacked folding chairs. The southwest corner of the room is the table with two large coffee machines, between this and the aforementioned crumbling ceiling is the door and window of the records room (The door for which is locked xxxxx.). While the door on the eastern wall leads to the first section of the treasure security. Next to the window is the trash can. The records room is an L shaped space filled with rows of filing cabinets and desk space. A safe sits next to the door. The western wall has collapsed revealing an older basement structure. Now acting as a hallway into the room behind the laser security system.

The first security room is a blocky spartan space, upon entering the room the walkway gradually widens to the space with the ID card reader console. On the wall to the east is a corkboard and to the west is a freestanding chalkboard. Just in front of the door is a toolbox. The northern doors lead to a hallway filled with laser tripwares and several laser turrets. The MagLock door is opened by pressing the large button next to the door. Passing through this door leads to the main security control room (accessible through the aforementioned hallway). Inside is the treasures atrium. A large spartan room whose major features include the stairway to the treasures room. The console containing the treasures access terminal stands in front of the stairway. The wall in the southeast corner has collapsed, the wall opens to an older brick hallway. The detritus crushed the metal shelves. In both the northwest and southwest corners contain Protectron pods, their robots, and the terminals to control them. Over the stairway hangs patriotic banners. At the MagLock doors to the treasure room hallway is a skeleton Through the marble lined hallway is the treasure room itself. Pressing the freestanding button opens the second set of doors to the large marble lined treasure room.

Once through the doors one is standing on a large square red carpet with white tassels. Directly in front of which is one of the two central tables displays. Between the stairs to the elevated floor is a large end table with the treasures terminal, flanked by two flagpoles. The end table displays a 2076 RobCo terminal, two holotapes, the Anchorage memorial donated by the family of Pvt. McKenny, a classroom globe gifted by the Hyde Charter School, and a burned book that once was a history on Jamaica Plain.

To the south is the news and literature display, it contains the memorium of the Boston Bugle reporter M. Stahlman. Known for his reporting the Canadian Annexation (his pen, pencil, camera), two selected copies of the Boston Bugle (one periodicals selected by RobCo, the other the bicentennial issue of Jamaica Plin) and stacks of ruined history and fiction books.

To the north is the the sports and leisure display, it contains a ball and signed glove of the Jamaica Plain Youth, the winning Boston toy derby car, donated by the winner L. Early. A bowling ball and pin from the 2069 National Bowling Championship games, and the main treasure of the exhibit, the 2076 World Series Baseball Bat.

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central table display Science and medicine display

Notable loot


Jamaica Plain town hall basement appears only in Fallout 4.



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