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Jamaica Plain
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Map MarkerJamaica Plain
FactionsCommonwealth Minutemen (optionally)
QuestsTreasure of Jamaica Plain
Cell NameJamaicaPlainExt
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Mayor's Terminal

Jamaica Plain is a neighborhood of Boston and possible settlement in the Commonwealth.


Founded by Boston Puritans seeking farm land to the south, it was originally part of the town of Roxbury. The community seceded from Roxbury as a part of the new town of West Roxbury in 1851, and became part of Boston when West Roxbury was annexed to Boston in 1874.[1] In 2077, with the city finances at a deficit,[2] the city sought a way to close the huge gap in their budget without cutting the massive pay and benefits to their work staff. Which outpaced the actual cost of running the neighborhood by xx percent. They decided to create an attraction to boost the local economy: the Treasures of Jamaica Plain. A time capsule to be opened two hundred years later.[3] They also had another fiscal problem, they had to appropriate funds to maintain the town hall. Instead of searching for pork to cut from their budget the Mayor Alyssa Park decided to kill two birds with one stone and apporte the funds to repair the basement[4] – although not the roof or plumbing,[5] – in time this exhibit became her pet project.

This colossal boondoggle consumed a massive amount of funding. Literally pushing the budget way into the red. They began construction by removing the storage room and laying marble floors. They later would add a state of the art automated security system – a Type-V Laser Defense Grid – to guard the treasure.[6] Once completed the treasure rooms took up most of the basement.[5] Apart from the Revolutionary era antiques, it contained battlefield mementos (as a memorial to Private McKinney), a journalists life work (also a memorial, for M. Stahlman a reporter of the Canadian Annexation) and donated baubles from local residents, businesses, and facilities.[7] Needless to say, the exhibit was a disaster and very few visited.[8] On October 23, 2077, with the Great War occurring outside, the janitor made one final entry and locked down the exhibit.[9]

By the 23rd century, Jamaica Plain had become infamous for both the feral ghoul infestation and the fabled treasures that lie somewhere inside the town. In fact, an expedition of treasure hunters (Sal, Carl Everett, Luke Silverhand, Ken Standish, Tanya Standish) recently entered the suburb looking it, although the ghouls kept them at bay.[10]

On August 22 Sal an ex-Gunner and bounty hunter tracked down Carl Everett and gave him an ultimatum. Giver her the equivalent in caps within ten days or she'll turn him for the reward. Despite his best efforts, and communicating with all his contacts, the only short-term opportunities were for mercenary and mechanic work. Desperate he came up with an idea; he could put the work together in exchange for his life.[11] On September 1 he pitched the plan to Sal and she accepted; The Treasures of Jamaica Plain – greatest prize in the Commonwealth. The legendary big score that no one has ever pulled off.[12]

After successfully convincing her that he could pull together a team he called in favors and enticed several acquaintances to the team[13] with the promise of an even split in the loot.[14] All the while hoping that Sal and the others wouldn't catch on to his eventual betrayal and abandonment. By September 22 the month long preparations were in order, learning of the nearly unheard of security and complete lack of description on what it was guarding.[12] However unbeknownst to Carl virtually every other member of the team was planning to betray and murder at least one other person on the team.

First was Luke Silverhand, who after digging up the details of the security systems put in place, planned to let them get into the range of the Type-V Laser Defense Grid and then activate it. Killing them all.[15] By October 5 they all had gathered near the town (possibly camping inside its church). Sal: the Lead and heavy weapons specialist, Luke Silverhand: the intelligence, tech specialist, and mechanic, Ken Standish: scout, locks, traps, and stealth specialist, Tanya Standish, his wife and small arms and close combat specialist. All but Hadrian (who would have been their sniper) whom unbeknownst to them died after receiving the invitation.[16]

With Sal's 'insistence' (and despite Car's begging) Carl accompanied them into Jamaica Plain. Knowing full well that once they unlock the treasure she would just kill the team and keep the loot for herself. Unable to extradite himself from the situation he believed that he wouldn't make it out alive.[17] Meanwhile Tanya was taking the looks Sal was giving to her husband Ken as attraction and planned to kill her for it. October 6 they entered the town,[18] by this time however no one was willing to fight together. At the first sight of a feral they split each trying to stand their own against the hordes.[19] Carl made it to the main road's traffic barricade before he was overwhelmed. The Standishes made it to the second story of a residential home before barricading themselves against their foes. They too were overwhelmed and died together. Luke took off to the church, behind the chained door he believed that he would be safe from the ferals. This however didn't happen, he was overwhelmed and killed on a pew. Finally Sal, determined to get the treasure even if she had to dig with her bare hands, made it to the second floor of the town hall before being cornered in the remains of an office and was killed.[20]

Later the Sole Survivor can explore the ruins. If the ferals were wiped out from this town, the location could prove to be a valuable asset to the Commonwealth Minutemen.

Settlement information

Although the construction area is not as large as the entire suburb, it is still of moderate size, surrounding a main house and extending out to the adjacent parking lot and a portion of nearby street. The zone contains several junked cars that can be scrapped for steel but contains nearly no wood, which can make initial structure building more difficult.

The eastern parking lot has plenty of arable land for crops and water wells, and the house is mostly intact, able to be built upon if so desired. The entire area is situated in a dangerous part of the Commonwealth and raids are rather common, so defenses and fences could be a sound investment.


The town has three notable locations: the church, the garage, and the town hall. The church is in the southeast part of town and is chained from the inside. The only way to access it is by ascending the stairs of the adjacent house and dropping in through the roof. The church has a cooking station, and Luke Silverhand lies dead on a pew. The garage is just west of the church, and contains the workshop of Jamaica Plain, as well as a power armor station.

The town hall is in the west central part of town. The first floor has the mayor's terminal and a door to the basement, while the second floor has Sal lying dead in the northwest corner. The basement opens to a room with the janitor's room to the east and a forum room to the north. The adjacent room is a hallway guarded by several dozen scanning laser tripwires, which can be deactivated by swiping the mayor's ID card. One can alternatively avoid the laser tripwires by going through the Master-locked door to a tunnel. The hallway and tunnel both lead to the treasure room.

Notable loot

Related quests


Jamaica Plain appears only in Fallout 4.



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