Jailhouse Rocker

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Jailhouse Rocker
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Jailhouse Rocker
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The Jailhouse Rocker is a piece of armor in Fallout: New Vegas. It is worn by the Kings gang members, and can be obtained by killing a King wearing one and looting it from the body.


  • The Jailhouse Rocker is not considered faction armor. Wearing it will not have a positive or negative effect around the Kings.
  • Can be repaired with other Jailhouse Rockers or various other apparel with the Jury Rigging perk.


Behind the scenes

This is meant to be a replica of the clothing worn in Elvis Presley's 1957 video "Jailhouse Rock." The clothing bears the number 6240 on the left chest, which is the same number worn by Elvis in the music video.


  • It is sometimes possible to repair the item with reinforced combat armor.
  • In third-person view while wearing only this outfit your character may become invisible. This can be remedied by wearing a hat or glasses, such as Authority glasses.