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Quest data
LocationRailroad HQ
Given ByP.A.M.
RewardCovert sweater vest
Ballistic Weave
Editor IDRRR03
Base ID000b926b
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leads to:

Jackpot (appearing in game as Jackpot: (location)) is a series of radiant quests for the Railroad in Fallout 4.


The Railroad needs supplies, and has asked for the Sole Survivor to be personally responsible for the acquisition of the DIA caches scattered throughout the Commonwealth. These pre-War caches are classified and hidden, so they need to approach them with a rigged RFID badge identifying them as Col. Johnson of the DIA, cleared for all caches. Once located, Railroad runners will transport the contents back to headquarters on a separate timetable.


  1. Proceed to the designated location.
  2. Get close enough to the cache for the RFID device to unlock the door.
  3. Return to P.A.M.

Completing this quest for the first time allows the player to add the Ballistic weave mod to many clothing items, and Tinker Tom will begin stocking ballistic weave clothing.

Cache locations

Quest stages

Secure the DIA cache PAM is sending me to secure a DIA Cache that is hidden in an old world building. I have a RFID device that will unlock the cache when I get nearby.
Report back to PAM As soon as I got near the DIA Cache it opened like magic. There were a whole bunch of goodies inside. Runners will pick it up later. Time to report back to PAM.


  • Although PAM says that you need not loot the DIA cache, you can take the items for yourself and still successfully complete the mission.
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