J. Hendricks

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Mentioned-only character
J. Hendricks
Biography and appearance
AffiliationVault 22 Expedition
Mentioned inHonest Hearts
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J. Hendricks was the last Overseer of the Vault 22 survivors in Zion Canyon in 2097.


In February of 2096, Hendricks left Vault 22 with 117 of their fellow vault dwellers when an outbreak of mutated spores took over the Vault. Arriving in Zion Canyon on February 11th, Hendricks and the others attacked the group of Mexican survivors. The vault dwellers slaughtered all but Elena, Carmen, and five of the children. They then proceeded to eat the Mexicans. Over the course of the following year Randall Clark—their "evil spirit"—killed the vast majority of the vault dwellers out of a sense of revenge, hoping they would finally end him. Those not killed by their "vengeful spirit" however died from the same spores that had driven them from Vault 22.[1] After the deaths of 6 overseers, Hendricks was promoted to overseer of the remaining 33 survivors. Hendricks' first order as overseer was to immediately evacuate the vault dwellers from Zion.[2]


J. Hendricks is mentioned only in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Honest Hearts.