Isabella Proud's camp terminals

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Isabella Proud's camp terminals are found in Isabella Proud's camp (Takoma Park) in Fallout 3.

Isabella Proud's Terminal

Note: This terminal is located on the table next to the <camp crate thing>.

Day 45


Day 45:

Jason found a terminal suitable to our needs in the nearby ruins. With some work, we may be able to move this workstation closer to where our research has been taking place. Must keep an eye out for a portable source of power. Must remember to translate my notes onto this thing when I have some time to do so.

While Jason was scavenging the ruins, I caught a glimpse of the group by the pool in the afternoon. Contrary to what most people think, they don't fear the daylight at all, but they do seem to prefer indoor habitats.

Day 51


Day 51:

I've conducted an informal experiment this week. I've filled some heavy basins with water, each with different levels of radiation. Consistent with my predictions, they seem to prefer water with high rad content. Thanks to these radiation suits, I was able to irradiate one of the basins with a typically lethal level of radiation, and to my amazement, this has worked better than any of our attempts at constructing a lure to attract them into our research area. This is very exciting!

Day 53


Day 53:

Jason's recovered and repaired a generator, which should allow us to move this terminal and some of my equipment out to a better position for observation of the group's behavior.

Day 58


Day 58:

Amazing! Today I was approached by one of them. I've decided to call her "Melinda." I'm not actually sure if there's a way to establish gender, but Melinda moved in a way that appeared very feminine to me. She caught me off guard while I was checking water levels in the experimental basins. For a moment there, I wished I had taken that damned pistol Jason insisted upon me carrying. She grasped my arm, but instead of attacking, she appeared to sniff my arm where some of the scavenged resin I've been using to irradiate the basins had spilled on my suit. Moments later, she was gone. Must consider some way of tagging them.

Day 63


Day 63:

No sign of the group for days. Could Melinda have returned to the group with some news of our brief encounter? Perhaps they're scared of us?

Jason's beginning to get concerned, but I believe we're close to learning what we came here for. The poor man's been through Hell for me. I don't know if I could have achieved so much without him, but there's so much left to learn.

Day 67


Day 67:

I insisted on sleeping at the research site last night, much to Jason's protest. I'm sure I saw motion in the far ruins, but the moon had slid behind a cloud, so I couldn't make out for certain their shapes. I don't think mutants would have moved like that, and most people in the city know enough to hunker down at night. Could it have been our group, returning home?

Day 68


Day 68:

Slept outdoors again last night. Jason insisted on staying with me this time, and built a camouflage screen for us to sleep in. I irradiated the main body of water as heavily as I could to try and draw them out. My plan seems to have worked, because I saw few - I think Melinda was among them - come into the open at dusk and settle into the water. After dark, one I believe to be the alpha male - I've called him "Samuel" - emerged with the rest of the group. I had to switch my geiger counter off when he arrived to avoid being heard. I can't imagine the radiation levels the glowing ones must be infused with. I think that must be why he's the alpha - the others are so drawn to him because of his immense irradiation.

Day 75


Day 75:

I need to make contact again. I've coated my suit in resin, and will try approaching the group tomorrow at dusk. Observation hasn't revealed anything new; direct contact is required if I'm going to continue to learn about them. I know Jason would never understand, but this won't work if his suit isn't also irradiated. I'll coat it while he's gone scavenging during the afternoon, and we'll set up camp tonight by the water before dusk.

disconnect user: ISABELLA PROUD

Note: Accessing this command logs the Lone Wanderer off the terminal.