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Isabel Smith-Waltz's journal
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Isabel Smith-Waltz's journal is a voice holotape in Fallout 76.


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Isabel Smith-Waltz: It's my first day here. Oh, this is Isabel Smith-Waltz. Can't forget introductions. The rangers are all so friendly, but this place is kind of weird. So this fort was supposed to be a rebuilt frontier fort, but the railroad went through the place where it really used to be, so they had to put it here. Then they found out the guy who wrote the book that described the fort made most of it up. Crazy, right? So it doesn't even look like the real one. We call it a 'representational frontier fort.' Now they want to start running civil war battle recreations here. But that never happened either. But they say it will bring in lots of money. Some people just to appreciate real history.

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