Irradiated metro

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Irradiated metro
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Connects tonone
World Map ExitsL'Enfant South
Irradiated Metro
Cell NameIrradiatedSewerExterior (ext.)
IrradiatedSewer01 (interior)
MQ11Gate03cell (boats & bait)
ref id00000d38 (exterior)
00017e14 (interior)
00000d57 (boats & bait)
Metro Irradiated Metro.jpg

Irradiated metro is a heavily damaged part of the Washington, D.C. Metro. It consists of the ruined entryway to the Minuteman station, the collapsed entrance to L'Enfant Plaza station, and the tunnels in between.



Immediately outside of the Irradiated Metro entrance there is an entrance to Access Hall, which will grant access to the overhead walkway where 2 super mutants (one holding either a minigun or missile launcher) will ambush the player. Again depending upon player level one may be a super mutant overlord.


The tunnel system is lightly radioactive in some places. The stations themselves are collapsed, but there is an access tunnel on the right as you enter the station. Use the local map to make quick work of this area, as most paths lead to dead ends.


Notable loot


Irradiated Metro appears only in Fallout 3.