Into the Mystery

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Into the Mystery
Quest data
LocationRiverside Manor
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Related quests
leads to:
Initiate of Mysteries

Into the Mystery is a quest in Fallout 76.


Members of the Order of Mysteries can be found dead across The Forest, The Ash Heap, and the Savage Divide. What happened to these young women and why did they die? Time to dive into the mystery!


  • The quest is started by finding any of the twenty dead Order members across the world. The damaged holotape will mention The Order, Riverside Manor, and raiders, while the worn veil will be added to the inventory as a piece of equipment.
  • To complete the quest, players need to head to the Riverside Manor and access the terminal on the upstairs terminal, in the study, namely the journal entry for July 29th, 2077, then go downstairs to the parlor with the worn veil equipped. The folding screen in the corner will grant access to the facility below, starting Initiate of Mysteries.