Inertia suppression field

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One alien wearing an Inertia Suppression Field
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An inertia suppression field is a force field technology used by certain aliens aboard Mothership Zeta.


The aliens have developed advanced personal shield technology. Aliens equipped with these shields glow somewhat, and have a field of light distortion around them. It protects them during combat and makes them very difficult target to kill. It provides a damage resistance of 50 at non-player character level 20, 80 at non-player character level 25, and 110 at non-player character level 30, making the wielders very tough opponents. Despite high damage resistances, the effects of fire and electricity still damage an alien to the correct amount through the shield, rendering the shield useless to those kinds of attacks.


  • A damage resistance of 110 does not render the alien immune to damage, but rather increases their durability by slightly over 400%.