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Incidents are events that happen during gameplay, mostly triggered at random or by other means. Each have different Impacts on the Vault Resources, Production and Vault Dwellers Happiness

List of Incidents

Only seven Incidents exist and only one incident can happen at a time. Incidents include:

  • Radroach Infestation: Early Game Incident and the easiest known. The incident is trigger at random or after a Rush attempt in a room ended in failure. Uncontrolled Infestations can spread throughout the Vault moving to the room adjacent to the initial starting room, but won't reinfect the room(s) they were in previously. The number of Radroachs that attack a room vary on the room's size, (e.g: A three part room will have between one to a maximum five), They have a small pool of health and do moderate damage but can taken care of, well equipped Vault Dwellers can killed them easily without issues, They have no other effects.
  • Room on Fire: Early Game Incident. Like the Radroaches, Fires are started at random or after a Failed Rush. Fires that aren't contained can intensify over time and will ignite adjacent rooms, though won't reignite previous room(s). Fires only damage Vault Dwellers and has no other effects, The amount of time to put fires out depends on the rooms size and how many Vault Dwellers are assigned to fight the fire, meaning a fully populated room will put the fire out faster than a room with half the population in it.
  • Molerat Attack: A game incident introduced after accumulating 20 (in survival mode, 30 in normal mode) Vault Dwellers and are harder than Radroaches. An attack is started at random or after a Failed attempt at Rushing, namely from rooms near earth (Both Boundary wall and ground that hasn't been excavated and built on), Uncontrolled Molerats will spread to the adjacent room from the initial starting point, but won't return to the past room(s). Similar to the Radroaches, the number of Molerats varies, depending on the rooms size, from one to five. They can take plenty of hits and can deal plenty of damage to Vault Dwellers, can even kill them if left unchecked and unprepared, It's advised to monitor the attacks and have a good supply of Stimpaks handy to prevent deaths. Molerat attacks will affect your Vault by draining it's power supply.
  • Raider Attack: A game incident introduced early after having about 10-20 (give or take) Vault Dwellers. They attack at random and will only begin after branching the Vault Door. Raiders usually attack in groups of three or four and wield different weapons (Early on, Melee and weaker guns, but gain stronger weapons like Rifles and Laser weapons later on) and start from the Vault Entrance and travel through the vault, level by level, and won't stop until they encounter any Vault Dwellers to fight, though will continue to move around the vault after a skirmish, they will continue to move around until they bump into another group or Vault Dwellers or death.Raiders will slowly 'steal' all your Vaults resources: Power, Food, Water and even your Caps. Monitoring the Raider's movement and having Stimpaks handy is useful, and since the Raiders have to break the door down to gain access, use that to your advantage to have some Vault Dwellers moved to the entrance, ready to attack. A stronger Vault door will buy you more time to prepare.
  • Deathclaw Attack: A later game Incident that is introduced after reaching 60 (in normal mode, 35 in survival mode) Vault Dwellers and, by far, the most dangerous attack in the game. Like a Raider Attack,Deathclaws have to take the door out to enter the Vault, and move around in a similar pattern, level by level, and having to stop in a room to engage any Vault Dwellers present, then move on until another Dweller engagement or death, but are random triggered by the opening and closing of the Vault door when either sending a Explorer out into the wasteland or after a new Dweller has picked up the Radio Studio signal. Deathclaws have a lot of health and deal heavy damage to Dwellers, meaning they can easily kill them. Strong weapons, strict monitoring and a large pool of Stimpaks are a must to defeat these beasts, Aside from dealing heavy damage, Deathclaws will drain your food supply. Similar preparations like having Guards at the Vault is beneficial, but only if they have really strong weapons like the Fat Man. Deathclaws aren't to be taken lightly, otherwise your guard defense will be easily broken.
  • Feral Ghoul Attack: A later game Incident that is introduced after reaching 50 (in normal mode, 35 in survival mode) Vault Dwellers. Feral ghouls are radioactive and dwellers fighting them become irradiated in addition to taking normal damage.
  • Radscorpion Attack: A later game Incident that is introduced after reaching 50 (in normal mode, 35 in survival mode) Vault Dwellers. Radscorpions are radioactive and dwellers fighting them become irradiated in addition to taking normal damage. Also, unlike the other incidents, radscorpions do not move to adjacent rooms but instead tunnel to arbitrary rooms in your vault.


  • The strength of external incidents (those which come in through the vault door) is determined by the average level of the dwellers in the vault (those outside the vault door are ignored). The strength of internal incidents depends on the level and size of the room where the combat is occurring (a combat in a three wide room will be three times tougher than in a 1 wide room, combat in a fully upgraded room will be much tougher than combat in a room which has not been upgraded).
  • The number of vault dwellers needed to enable a random attack is one level higher than the number needed to enable a failed rush attack.
  • After an Incident that involved breaching The Vault Door is resolved, The Vault door will automatically be repaired to full health
  • During any Incident, random or triggered, any Pregnant Women, any Children (Boy and Girl), and pets will flee the room and hide in the nearest Living Quarters/Residence/Barrack until the incident has ended
  • When an Incident has been dealt with, All Vault Dwellers that dealt the final blow in the room are rewarded with XP
  • Some Incidents are marked as Challenges for bonus caps, a common one being fire extinguishing