Incident Evaluation

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Incident Evaluation
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QuestsUnsolved: Tracking Terror

Incident Evaluation is a paper note in Fallout 76.


  • Monongah police station: Inside a drawer by the desks, upstairs.



Monongah Police Department
Officer Complaint Review

Complaints have been lodged about Officer Jack Dimwiddy's response to a 10-91 animal sighted at Mrs. Claybourne's home. Mrs. Claybourne claims the officer assaulted her "for no good reason." A loaded shotgun with her prints on it was found at the scene. She claims it was to protect herself from the alleged animal.

Our conclusion is that Officer Jack Dimwiddy acted with proper force, albeit with excessive zeal. The presence of the shotgun makes his use of force appropriate despite Mrs. Claybourne's advanced age of 91 and the fact that she had the shotgun balanced on her walker. We are putting Officer Jack Dimwiddy in for a commendation.

Officer Oversight Committee
Geraldine Dimwiddy, Chairperson

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