Implant update session No. 7

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Implant Update Session #7
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Implant update session No. 7 is a holotape in Fallout 4.




Institute Scientist: Just keep talking if you can... I'm afraid this may be rather painful.

Kellogg: Don't worry about it, doc.

Institute Scientist: Anesthetic would lower your blood pressure too much, and I need you to remain conscious.

Kellogg: You already explained all that. It's going to be worth it, right?

Institute Scientist: Oh, most definitely. These implants are much more advanced than anything you've had before. Doctor Walter is very pleased with you. The Gen 3 synth program is finally making progress, thanks to the genetic material you recovered.

Kellogg: You're talking about that kid we got from the Vault?

Institute Scientist: Yes, a perfectly unspoiled DNA sample! Now this next part is especially delicate, so if you can please look straight into the light...

Kellogg: Should everything be purple?

Institute Scientist: Hmm? Oh that's just a calibration error... how about now?

Kellogg: Better.

Institute Scientist: I'm just glad to have a chance to test these on a cooperative human subject. Normally the directors are very touchy about allowing this kind of technology outside the Institute. They must find you extremely trustworthy.

Kellogg: You're sure these are going to work, right doc?

Institute Scientist: Oh, yes. When I say "test" I simply mean collecting data over time, which will be very valuable to making further improvements. This next part may be exceptionally painful. Try your best to remain conscious.