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Iguana is a species of lizard, one of the creatures fortunate enough to survive the Great War. They appear to have experienced no significant mutation as a result of the war, but their meat is sometimes irradiated. In New California, they are sometimes kept as pets, but there and elsewhere humans also use them as food. A common food item made of iguana is the iguana-on-a-stick. Another is iguana bits, popularized by a man known as Iguana Bob (even if his bits are sometimes supplemented with human meat).


  • A living iguana is yet to appear. However, many enemies state "I'm gonna feed you to my pet iguana," implying not all iguanas are kept as food.
  • It is worth noting that their appearance in Fallout 3 is suspect, as iguanas are not native to the eastern United States, and most likely could not have existed in the wild at the time of the Great War. It is likely that they came from pet stores, as Herbert Dashwood notes on his terminal that radscorpions came from them too.
  • The iguana is 1 out of 3 reptiles that appear in Fallout 3 (dead or alive), the others being deathclaws and mirelurk kings (which are mutated snapping turtles, not crabs as the name would suggest).

Appearances in games

Iguanas appear in Fallout, Fallout 2, Fallout 3, Fallout Tactics, and Fallout: New Vegas. They are always dead and cooked, usually on a stick.