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For an overview of Nuka-Cola soda throughout the Fallout series, see Nuka-Cola.
Ice cold Nuka-Cola Wild
+30 HP
+10 AP
+5 Rads
Reduces thirst by 8 points, but increases hunger by 4 points
Delays the need to sleep by 2⅓ game hours
Health: 10 seconds (~0.2 minutes)
AP: 5 seconds (~0.1 minutes)
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The Ice cold Nuka-Cola Wild is a consumable item in Nuka-World.


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Introduced in 2058, Nuka-Cola Wild is a root-based beverage inspired by the soda of choice in the Wild West. This variant was only produced after the Nuka-Cola Corporation was unable to acquire the Sunset Sarsaparilla Company;[1] accordingly, Nuka-Cola Wild was only sold to the public in the American Southwest to directly compete with the well established Sunset Sarsaparilla.[2]

Nuka-World's Dry Rock Gulch park was a celebration of the beverage, where visitors could step back in time and let Doc Phosphate serve them a refreshing beverage surrounded by the sighs, sounds, and smell of the Old West.[3]


Nuka-Wild provides 30 hit points and 10 action points at the cost of 5 rads, added over the course of 10 and 5 seconds respectively. As such, cooling the variant trades AP for HP.


  • Ice cold Nuka-Cola cannot be found in the wild, it must be created using Drinking Buddy.


  1. Nuka-World loading screen hints: "Although the Nuka-Cola Corporation would never admit it, Nuka-Cola Wild was released to directly compete with Sunset Sarsaparilla after attempts to acquire that company met with failure."
  2. World of Refreshment tour: "Out west, they enjoy regional favorites such as the classy Nuka-Cola Quartz and refreshingly patriotic Nuka-Cola Victory. Or, for those that prefer a timeless root-based beverage, they pick up a delicious Nuka-Cola Wild!"
    (World of Refreshment announcer's dialogue)
  3. Nuka-World loading screen hints: " Dry Rock Gulch was built as a celebration of Nuka-Cola Wild, the root-beer flavored beverage. Visitors could take a step back in time and have an immersive experience filled with the sights, sounds and smells of the Old West."