I am a Knight

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I am a Knight
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I am a Knight is a paper note in Fallout 76.


  • Fort Defiance: The note is on a table between beds in the northern barracks room on the fourth floor near the armory.



When Maxson first told us of the Brotherhood, I don't think I was alone thinking he lost it. It made no sense.

But time passed. Every time the radio flared up with a transmission from Lost Hills, the communications room filled up. Everyone sat around. We listened.

I've had years to think about it. And it doesn't matter what you call a man. It matters what you do.

We are fighting for a vision of a future where we conquer this land. Where we keep the means of causing another Armageddon out of the hands of the barbarians around us.

I may have laughed then, but I'm not laughing now. I am a Knight of the Brotherhood of Steel. And my mission will not be denied.

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