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Icon hydra.png
+10 to limbs per second for 60s
Addiction10% chance of hydra addiction
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Hydra is a consumable item in Fallout: New Vegas.


Hydra is a drug developed from Antivenom. Due to the Legion's disapproval of using modern medicine, some Legionaries attempted to develop a different means to help them heal damaged limbs. To do that, they combined Cave Fungus, Nightstalker blood and the poison from a Radscorpion poison gland with Antivenom before use, developing Hydra, a curative agent which both anesthetizes and restores crippled limbs over time.

Despite its origins in the Legion, this drug has since seen extensive use throughout the entire Mojave Wasteland, including NCR field hospitals. Excessive use causes dilated eyes, an increased heart rate and blood pressure, massive sweating and other typical symptoms of drug abuse.[1][2]

All Hydra in-game use the bottle of a brand of fruit drink called Supa Yum! to hold its contents.


Like a Doctor's Bag, Hydra is used to restore health to crippled limbs making it especially useful in hardcore mode where Stimpaks or sleeping in a bed you don't own (from having rented or being given the room) won't heal these injuries. It has the advantage over Doctor's Bags in that it is weightless and it will continue to slowly heal the crippled wounds over 60 seconds. In a tough fight where you might receive crippling wounds several times a single dose of Hydra can heal them as you receive them. As a bonus, Hydra also benefits from the Chemist and Day Tripper perks.

The down side is that Hydra carries a 10% risk of addiction. If this happens you'll suffer a negative hit to your statistics (-3 Endurance) unless you either use more Hydra or Fixer (to provide temporary relief from the symptoms of withdrawal) or have a doctor cure you.

Effects of Survival skill

10+12 Limb condition60+22 Limb condition
20+14 Limb condition70+24 Limb condition
30+16 Limb condition80+26 Limb condition
40+18 Limb condition90+28 Limb condition
50+20 Limb condition100+30 Limb condition


2 Hydra



  • Prior to patch, the recipe required five samples of cave fungus, two radscorpion poison glands, and three vials of nightstalker blood.

Behind the scenes

The origin of the name is of the Lernaean Hydra of the Second Labor of Heracles.



  1. The Courier: "What are the symptoms of Hydra use?"
    Alex Richards: "[SUCCEEDED] Excessive use causes dilated eyes, an increased heart rate and blood pressure, massive sweating, you know... the usual."
    (Alex Richards' dialogue)
  2. The Courier: "Dilated eyes, increased heart rate... I think you took the drugs."
    Stone: "[SUCCEEDED] What?! Oh shit... how the fuck?! Oh man, I'm in some deep shit now. Look, I can explain everything! Really, just give me a chance to explain!"
    (Stone's dialogue)