Hunger (Fallout 76)

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Fallout 76
Disease risk

Hunger is a derived statistic in Fallout 76.


Hunger on Survival difficulty is tracked together with thirst and sleep, much like in Fallout 4. Unlike Fallout 4, it is coded differently (again). The nutritional value of each item that sates hunger is determined by its placement on form lists, ranging from inedible to highly nutritious items.

The character's hunger increases constantly at a steady rate and applies ever more severe penalties, up to and including death. Parasites cause periodic loss of nutrition, requiring more frequent eating. The maximum amount of hunger points, at which the player reaches starvation and risks dying every 30 seconds or so, dependent on a random roll.

Stages Value Effects
Well Fed 0 - 1799 None
Fed 1800 - 3599
Hungry 3600 - 5399
Famished 5400 - 7199 -25% AP

+25% disease risk

Starving 7200 Risk of death