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Humans Like Us
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Game tile Fallouit Shelter.png

Humans Like Us is a repeatable quest in Fallout Shelter.


There have been several reports of strange lights hovering over the Wasteland not far from here. The lights were congregating over an old abandoned mine. We need to investigate this before rumors of alien visitors start spreading!


Investigate strange aerial lights.


  • Ha ha yes, you have gotten us. You are funny and as humans we like to laugh. (_Conversation_1_NPCEnd_1);
  • All lights in the sky are normal. You were confused by the planet Venus ha ha. (_Conversation_1_NPCEnd_2);
  • Ha ha, just kidding. Humor is a distinctive human trait, wink wink. (_Conversation_1_NPCEnd_3);
  • Greetings, fellow human beings, and welcome to our Vault. (_Conversation_1_NPCStart_1);
  • It is good to encounter you, because we are a social, gregarious species. (_Conversation_1_NPCStart_2);
  • Please feel free to walk among us, all beings hatched and grown on this planet. (_Conversation_1_NPCStart_3);
  • Would you like beverages, foodstuff, or a complimentary exam? (_Conversation_1_NPCStart_4);
  • This isn't really a Vault, it's an abandoned mine. (_Conversation_1_Team_1);
  • Have you guys seen strange lights in the sky? (_Conversation_1_Team_2);
  • Sorry, complimentary what? (_Conversation_1_Team_3);
  • Everything here is normal human stuff, no space aliens on a mission or anything. (_Conversation_2_NPCEnd_1);
  • Ha ha “take us to your leader” - I got that humorous cultural reference. (_Conversation_2_NPCEnd_2);
  • [High-pitched guttural shriek] (_Conversation_2_NPCStart_1);
  • Oh, sorry, I thought you were someone else ha ha. (_Conversation_2_NPCStart_2);
  • It is good to talk to other humans using human-made sounds. (_Conversation_2_NPCStart_3);
  • Please ask me a question so we may engage in a conversation. (_Conversation_2_NPCStart_4);
  • Seen anything strange lately? (_Conversation_2_Team_1);
  • Can we see your Overseer? (_Conversation_2_Team_2);
  • There is no need, you should go back home to enjoy a nice beverage and foodstuff. (_Conversation_3_NPCEnd_1);
  • Ha ha well we were hatched in the same pod, so to speak ha ha. (_Conversation_3_NPCEnd_2);
  • Good catch ha ha but seriously we do need females if you can spare some that'd be great. (_Conversation_3_NPCEnd_3);
  • Look, John Smith, other fellow human beings like us ha ha. (_Conversation_3_NPCStart_1);
  • Hello there, I am the human called John Smith, which is a human name. (_Conversation_3_NPCStart_2);
  • My friend here is also called John Smith, so you can tell he is also human. (_Conversation_3_NPCStart_3);
  • Neither of us is hiding his true form with optical camouflage, that would be absurd ha ha. (_Conversation_3_NPCStart_4);
  • We're investigating strange lights in this area. (_Conversation_3_Team_1);
  • Nice to meet you both. Are you related? (_Conversation_3_Team_2);
  • I don't see many women here... Are you guys all male? (_Conversation_3_Team_3);
  • Ha ha you say Zeta Reticuli a, I say Zeta Reticuli b... (_Conversation_4_NPCEnd_1);
  • It is through collaboration that our primitive species evolves! (_Conversation_4_NPCEnd_2);
  • I would very much like to telephone home. (_Conversation_4_NPCStart_1);
  • Ha ha just kidding, this Vault is our home now. (_Conversation_4_NPCStart_2);
  • We just need to make the large, stinging invertebrates leave. (_Conversation_4_NPCStart_3);
  • They like killing us, for some reason ha ha. (_Conversation_4_NPCStart_4);
  • This isn't a Vault, it's a cave. (_Conversation_4_Team_1);
  • You mean Radscorpions? We'll take care of those. (_Conversation_4_Team_2);
  • Super, now go tell others never to come here because everything is normal ha ha. (_Conversation_5_NPCEnd_1);
  • Ha ha no problem just look inside the opening of this pistol-like artefact. (_Conversation_5_NPCEnd_2);
  • Ah, the other humans of which we have heard. I am the one called Overseer. (_Conversation_5_NPCStart_1);
  • I hope you find everything here normal and not at all disquieting ha ha. (_Conversation_5_NPCStart_2);
  • It is important that you do not feel like you are examined by superior beings. (_Conversation_5_NPCStart_3);
  • Please confirm that you do not feel like you are examined by superior beings. (_Conversation_5_NPCStart_4);
  • You guys seem like pretty regular folks. (_Conversation_5_Team_1);
  • About those strange lights... (_Conversation_5_Team_2);
  • Well, you guys are a *little* bit weird. (_Conversation_5_Team_3);

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