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Humanoid brain bot
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LocationVault 0

A humanoid brain bot is a unique type of brain bot. It consists of a large humanoid robotic suit housing a human brain connected to a robotic program.


It was a unique creation of the Calculator thanks to the technology of Vault 0. In 2198, the commanding officer of the Eastern Brotherhood of Steel, general Simon Barnaky, was taken prisoner by Gammorin's Army in St. Louis. The convoy, with the captured general, was intercepted by the Calculator's robots and Barnaky was taken to Scott City.

There, after torture and experimentation, the brain of Barnaky was extracted and put into a humanoid robotic suit, to take his knowledge about the Eastern Brotherhood's internal and external workings, facilitate the completion of many objectives of the Calculator, and became its cybernetic protector.


At the base, it uses the same principle of a robobrain, the brain is held inside of a hardened glass container at the top and suspended in pressurized bio med gel. Afterwards, however, it connected with robotic programming, creating a kind of semi-lobotomized robot. Its temperament and a part of the previous consciousness remains, but the robotic programming is superior and the humanoid brain bot has trouble having human emotions and remembering its feelings and its personal life. Two electronic eyes are connected to the brain allowing it to see. The humanoid robotic suit is the same size of a super mutant and is equipped with a cannon on its left arm that a combination of a .50 machine gun and a missile launcher as well as a large claw on its right arm for close combat.

Created with the same type of alloy as the humanoid robots, the humanoid robotic suit is also extremely resistant against almost any type of damage. Only plasma, laser, electric and pulse weapons are capable of severely damaging it. The humanoid brain bot is also able to communicate verbally due to an integrated voice module with the same voice as before, only slightly robotic.


Humanoid brain bot appears only in Fallout Tactics.