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Hull Breach
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Quest data
LocationFar Harbor, Eagle's Cove Tannery, MS Azalea, Haddock Cove
Given ByThe Mariner
RewardStage 1:
2000 + 750 caps (if selling to Machete Mike)
450 caps + custom shotgun (if giving to The Mariner)

Stage 2:
400 caps
Stage 3: 615 caps + Defender's Harpoon Gun
Editor IDDLC03FarHarborFF03a
Base IDxx00a990
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leads to:

Hull Breach is a main quest in the Fallout 4 add-on Far Harbor.


Part 1

  1. Talk to The Mariner about helping. She will ask you to bring some power tools from the Eagle's Cove Tannery.
  2. Optional: Ask for a raise in payment and she'll throw in a custom shotgun.
  3. Travel there, clear out the ghouls, pick up the power tools in the basement.
  4. Leave and run into Machete Mike. He will offer to buy these power tools for 2000 caps (2750 with a persuasion check). At this point, you can sell them and lose out on subsequent quests from the Mariner for an instant pay-off or refuse and bring them to The Mariner for a lower payout, but two more quests.
(P.S. You can eliminate machete mike and  loot the caps from his corpse leaving the option to continue with the other quests )

Part 2

  1. The Mariner wants to expand the Hull using an actual ship hull. MS Azalea is a natural candidate, but has one problem: There are already people living inside.
  2. But since they're trappers, the solution is to serve an eviction notice - using projectiles of your own choice.
  3. Sweep through the ship murdering everything in your path. Once the trappers are dead (technically, Bilge is enough, but you don't want those raiders to live, right?), return to the Mariner.

Part 3

  1. To protect the Hull against Mirelurk Queen attacks, The Mariner will ask for three mirelurk carapaces.
  2. This can be accomplished very simply. Find and kill three mirelurks. This is easiest when doing the Rite of Passage.
  3. Deliver them.

Quest stages

Part 1

Status Stage Description
Get power tools In order to reinforce Far Harbor's wall ("the Hull") the Mariner needs special power tools. I've agreed to go to Eagle's Cove Tannery and collect them.
Give the Mariner the tools
I delivered the power tools to the Mariner.

Part 2

Status Stage Description
Clear Trappers at the MS Azalea The Mariner plans on reinforcing Far Harbor's walls with part of a ship's hull. In order to do this, I have to clear out the trappers at the MS Azalea.
Return to the Mariner All of the trappers at the MS Azalea have been eliminated. Now I just need to give the Mariner the good news so she can salvage part of its hull to help defend Far Harbor.
The Mariner reward me for securing the MS Azalea. Soon the defenses of Far Harbor will literally be a Hull.

Part 3

Status Stage Description
Collect 3/3 Mirelurk Carapaces In the Mariner's continuing effort to overly-reinforce Far Harbor, she wants three mirelurk carapaces. Any of the shelled mirelurks on this island have the carapaces I need.
Deliver 3 carapaces to the Mariner I have all the mirelurk carapaces I need. I should deliver them to the Mariner so she can use them to defend the town.
The Mariner received her mirelurk carapaces. The walls of Far Harbor should be even more impregnable now.
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