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Hubris Comics
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Hubris Comics exterior (left) and interior (right)
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Map MarkerHubris Comics
Part ofMason District
metro exitsFalls Church/Mason Dst Metro
Other ExitsHubris Comics Utility Tunnels
QuestsThe Superhuman Gambit
Cell NameHubrisComicsHQ (exterior)
HubrisComicsExterior (HC ut. tun.)
HubrisComics01 (publishing)
HubrisComics02 (printing)
HubrisComics03 (utility tunnels)
ref id00036585 (exterior)
00000c66 (HC util. tun.)
0001a276 (Publishing)
0002f69f (Printing)
0002f69e (Utility Tunnels)
TerminalsHubris Comics Receptionist Terminal
Reign of Grelok (beta)
Turret Control System
Hubris Comics Publishing Terminal
Printing Press Terminal
Turret Control System

Hubris Comics is a location in the Capital Wasteland. The building houses the offices and presses of the company of the same name.


Hubris Comics is located in the north end of the Mason District, next to the Falls Church/Mason Dst Metro tunnels. It can be reached from Falls Church via those tunnels, from the other end of Mason District via the Flooded Metro tunnels and from a sewage grate leading to a drainage culvert nearby Wilhelm's Wharf.

Possibly the easiest way to get to Hubris Comics is via the Hubris Comics utility tunnels. These can be entered via a sewer grate at the edge of the water just northwest of Wilhelm's Wharf, directly north to the outhouse. There is radiation and great number of feral ghouls in the tunnels.


The complex consists of Hubris Comics publishing, Hubris Comics printing and Hubris Comics utility tunnels. The building is infested with feral ghouls, there are also many traps set up throughout the area.

The apparent source of all the traps, a hostile wastelander named Mad Johnny Wes, who is holed up in the fortified foreman's office overlooking the printing area, mowing down the feral ghouls who wander into the printing room floor. He is armed with a minigun, and has very high health, on par with that of a super mutant master. He is also protected by 2 Automated turrets and a number of frag mines and traps.

A "pre-War printing press" is also located in this area but breaks down as soon as it's activated. On the second floor landing, there is a terminal that indicates when hacked that the press is short on red ink. Or, the cause could be a corpse blocking the machinery, which cannot be dislodged. The smoke that rises from the printing press as it breaks down obscures the vision of the turrets, causing them to stop firing, and interferes with Mad Johnny Wes's aim.

A terminal in the "beta testing" area of the Publishing building runs a mini-text-adventure called "Reign of Grelok".

Hubris Comics publishing

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Hubris Comics printing

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Hubris Comics utility tunnels

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Notable loot

Hubris Comics Publishing

  • Tales of a Junktown Jerky Vendor, located in the first room upon entering from the Mason District. It is on a bookshelf above a booby trapped terminal.
  • Pre-War book, located in the first room upon entering from the Mason District. It is lying on a small-sized wooden shelf making up the barricade leading north.

Hubris Comics Printing

  • Grognak the Barbarian, located on a desk beside a locked terminal, (average), in the same room with Mad Johnny Wes. He is equipped with a minigun and guards the area along with 2 automated turrets.
  • Nuka-Cola Quantum, on the same desk as Grognak the Barbarian.
  • Pre-War book, located on a medium-sized shelf by the eastern wall of a room in the southeastern corner. The room can be found by following a hall leading east.

Hubris Comics utility tunnels

  • Dean's Electronics, located atop a desk by the eastern wall of the last room, on a shelf with several conductors located on it. The room is found just before exiting the Hubris Comics Utility Tunnels. At the four-way intersection, turn north, then west to reach the room.
  • Stealth Boy, located on the floor by the northern wall of the northern room, along with the body of its previous user, his weapons and ammunition, and two first aid boxes. At the four-way intersection, turn north, then east to reach the room.

The Capital Wasteland (surrounding area)


  • Most toilets in the building are electrified.
  • Looking through the G.E.C.K., it appears that there was a plan at one point to print out The Wasteland Survival Guide at the presses in Hubris comics, but this was removed.
  • A terminal entry at Our Lady of Hope Hospital mentions that a Richard Maynard Watson, employee of Hubris Comics, had to be admitted by some of his colleagues after one of the press machines malfunctioned, spraying hot steam and caustic chemicals into his face and hands and thereby causing severe burns and nerve damage.
  • Outside the building (main entrance) are a large number of super mutants, ranging in types.

The AntAgonizer

Main article: The Superhuman Gambit

A letter to the editor, which you can read from the receptionist terminal, reveals that there was a Hubris Comics character called the AntAgonizer, an "orphaned girl raised by ants and instilled with a bitter hatred of humanity", who was a villain in the Grognak the Barbarian comics. The letter complains that the current run of comics, written by a Mr. Neptura, treats the AntAgonizer as a two-dimensional villain, and demands the return of a Mr. Moorellis (most likely a portmanteau of comic writers Alan Moore and Warren Ellis).


Hubris Comics only appears in Fallout 3.

Behind the scenes

  • "Hubris" is from a Greek word, 'hybris', meaning excessive self confidence, pride or arrogance.


  • PCIcon pc.png PlayStation 3Icon ps3.png Xbox 360Icon xbox360.png In the foreman's office where Mad Johnny Wes is located, the door, when opened, clips with the set of filing cabinets against the wall, but will close normally.
  • If the Mad Johnny Wes' turrets are deactivated by the terminals in the foreman's office, and the printing press is activated then shut down, the turrets will turn back on and fire at the player.
  • The feral ghouls occasionally appear friendly and will not fight.
  • PCIcon pc.png Xbox 360Icon xbox360.png The foreman's office door can send a Nuka-Cola Quantum back behind the filing cabinets.