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Hub City Auto Wreckers
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Map MarkerHub City Auto Wreckers
LeadersCaptain Bridget
Cell NameHubCityAutoWreckersExt
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TerminalsHub City Auto Wreckers terminals:
Hub City Terminal

Hub City Auto Wreckers is a recently fortified Gunners encampment in the Commonwealth.


Before the war, this auto scrapping business had received several citations for the improper storage and disposal of radioactive materials. Currently, the junkyard and adjacent overpass have been turned into a Gunners encampment, under the leadership of Captain Bridget.[1]

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On the northeast of the property and outside the walls is what was once the main warehouse and office. On the rock wall on the north of the property –adjacent to the stream, are (invisible – in all probability glitched in the shipping containers) land mines.

Entering from the southern entry puts one inside a shell of a monorail car with a missile launcher trap and laser tripwire, behind which is radioactive barrels. The other entrance is the northern, heavily guarded gate. The junk walls surrounding the junkyard near universally have platforms for guards to patrol. Entering the yard leads into a relatively straightforward maize of choke points and defenses.

The junkyard is a simple maze of cars, shipping containers and other slag. Past the central turret emplacement is a sleeping niche (sleeping bag and dirty mattress) inside of a coach. The garage in the northwest of the yard contains a power armor station, a laser tripwire across the floor activates a fire trap in the corner, an oil spill is on the floor. The refridgerator contains meat and the Nuka-Cola machine Nuka-Cola. The novice locked sliding door leads to the adjacent trailer, inside a duffel bag on the desk. A ramp of rubble in the southwest leads up to the elevated lookout points, where there is also a trailer containing a terminal that controls the crane and bridge to the west. This trailer was also used as barracks.

The bridge leads up to the overpass. On the south end is a wooden shack containing a weapons workbench; the central shack – by the bridge, its rear is an overturned truck and trailer – contains the other controls for the bridge, and on the north end is a shack that serves as Captain Bridget's quarters. Her shack was built with the adjacent truck and trailer wreckage. The bed is against the shipping container, next to her trunk (end of dungeon reward box) and her desk.


Notable loot


Hub City Auto Wreckers appears only in Fallout 4.


  1. Fallout 4 Vault Dweller's Survival Guide Collector's Edition p.332: "[4.10] HUB CITY AUTO WRECKERS
    Previously, Hub City Auto Wreckers had received several citations for the improper storage and disposal of radioactive materials. Currently, this location has been overrun by the altogether unreasonable Gunners faction. Utilize the Hub City terminal to raise or lower the crane, allowing access to the freeway defenses and steamer trunk in Captain Bridget’s shack."
    (Fallout 4 Vault Dweller's Survival Guide Map)