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Fallout Tactics
HtH Evade
Fallout Tactics
RequirementsLevel 12
Unarmed 75%
EffectsAC increased by 2 for each unused AP, plus 1/12 of unarmed skill

HtH Evade is a perk in Fallout Tactics.


Doubles the effectiveness of action points used to increase armor class. In other words, each unused action point will provide not +1 at the end of turn, but +2 and 1/12 of the Unarmed skill.

In other words, with 3 unused AP and 120% skill, the player character receives not +3 to AC, but +36 (+2 base and +10 from skill per AP).

The perk only takes effect when both item slots are considered empty by the game. The game considers them both empty if the items equipped only use unarmed animation frames. In other words, HtH Evade applies not just to completely unarmed attacks, but also knuckles, power fists, and grenades.